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Women & Girls

Middlesex Women’s Cricket Leagues

In 2019 Middlesex Cricket completed its inaugural year on the new women’s playing formats which included a F40 League and two divisions of T20 cricket. It was a great success and players and their clubs enjoyed the competition. At the end of the season it was decided that a Player Survey would be conducted to find out what went well in the Leagues and what could be improved. We received a significant number of replies which showed us that the F40 and T20 playing formats worked. The main area of improvement is to support clubs with officials both umpires and scorers, this can be by offering more courses or mentoring of officials we have in place.

To see the complete list of fixtures for 2020 please click here for F40 and click here for T20. If you have any questions or are interested in entering in future years please contact Sharon Eyers at [email protected].

Girls Hubs

Middlesex Cricket run two regional centres where girls can go and train. This is offered to anyone that’s already in the system and either an U15 or U12 player. There is one centre in the North, based at King Solomon Academy, and one centre in the West, at William Perkin School. The sessions are led by very experienced coaches who provide highly skilled sessions. For more information please contact [email protected].

Team Up

Three Sports, Three World Cups, One Inspiring Vision.

We are now in the final year of Cricket, Netball and Hockey coming together to inspire girls to take up sport, these sports wanted to maximise the legacy of the World Cups and ensure girls could access coaching and events.

Schools play a large part in girls’ early experience of team sports, therefore it is crucial that we support schools and teachers to ensure there is a positive and lasting legacy from the World Cups that have taken place over the last three years and that we embed this into school life. The aim is to ensure girls receive coaching, trips to watch elite sport and the opportunity to take part in competitions. For more information contact [email protected].