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Street Cricket

Street Cricket

Chance to Shine Street is bringing cricket to thousands of young people in inner-city areas. It uses the game to promote social cohesion and create opportunities in diverse communities affected by anti-social behaviour and youth crime.

We feel that every child, no matter where they live, should have the opportunity to enjoy cricket. Chance to Shine Street is a counter for a lack of clubs and green spaces in inner-city areas and aims to make cricket accessible to young people.

At sessions, young people play a fast-paced version of tape-ball cricket, using a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape. Each innings lasts for 20 balls and games last for just 20 minutes. It needs very little cricket equipment.

Middlesex cricket runs the most Chance to Shine Street sessions in the country. We run sessions for ages 8-15 (Youth) and 16-24 (Young Adults) across the whole of the county.